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McCann Brothers Baskets are woven in many parts of the world. Each artisan utilizes vines from their surroundings. We have found over the years that many of these vines are part of everyday life for our weavers. Used in daily functions much like we use store bought products. We found the local stories to be so interesting, we thought we would share them with you. Many of the hand woven items you purchase, arrive daily in the United States from thousands of miles away.

When you receive a McCann brothers basket, look closely, many of the weavers place their initials on the bottom of the basket!

Hingiw: The dark vine used to weave this basket is call hingiw (ichnocarpus ouatifolius). Hingiw is a prolific forest vine growing throughout the Philippines. Hingiw is traditionally used for the nose ring (tagikaw) of the buffalo. Due  to it's strength, hingiw is extensively used as a means of tying bamboo in the construction of nipa huts.
Galtang: The vine used to weave this basket is call galtang (anamirta cocculos). Galtang grows extensively in the Philippines. In addition to it's use in basket weaving, galtang is used to make rope for tying livestock and hauling. The whitish fruit from galtang is used by fisherman as a poison. When dumped in a river or stream, the fruit temporarily renders the fish helpless. Once this happens, It's extremely easy to gather the fish. 

Gogo Vine: The crazy handle of this handcrafted basket is referred to as gogo vine. Gogo vine grows along streams in the colder mountain regions of the Philippines. In rural areas, Filipinos immerse the vine in water, flatten it by pounding it with a stone and the resultant residue is used as a shampoo and soap to clean clothes.
Rattan: This hand-woven basket is made from rattan. Rattan is a member of the palm family. It is generally harvested when the stems reach 80 to 100 feet. Rattan is also used to make furniture, boat rigging, ferryboat cables, mats, hats and many other products.
Ugat: The material used to weave this handcrafted basket is often called root. It is actually branches of many small trees in the Philippines. The branches can be gray, brown or black.

This handcrafted basket is made by Chinese artisans from bamboo (bambusa vulgaris). Often attaining a height of 45 to 50 feet, bamboo is considered a grass. It is normally split in the manufacture of baskets. Bamboo has many different uses. From food to construction materials and musical instruments., it is one of the most popular basket materials.


Bundles of rattan await weavers....

Willow planters freshly woven await packing...

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